Robert Alexander

A Good Day for Ducks

One of the first warm days this April, one of the first days I’m out in my canoe—calm water, morning sun. I paddle past the limestone bluffs toward Second Point. By the small dirt beach I’ve come to call Duck Cove, the pair of mallards are back from wherever they spend the winter. Perched on two adjoining boulders, they look for all the world like matching weathervanes—the female flecked brown and white, the male with his iridescent neck—both standing on one leg facing eastward, left leg tucked beneath them, heads turned back over their right shoulders, eyes closed. Even after months away these two ducks still recognize and pay me little attention. The female barely opens one eye; the male swivels his head to watch me in the canoe—then turns his head back over his shoulder, slips his beak beneath a wing, and closes his eyes.

Copyright © 2017 by Robert Alexander

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