Robert Alexander

The Party Train: A Collection of North American Prose Poetry

The prose poem, as revealed in this anthology, is essentially a short prose piece that takes on the character of poetry, either by means of language, subject matter, mood, or some other literary feature. A broader tradition in the form exists in America than is generally acknowledged by either its critics or its supporters. This anthology presents an overview of the variety and excellence of work currently being done in the field, while at the same time giving an indication of the broad historical base that has, until now, remained largely uncollected.

Selected Works

A chapbook of prose shorts.
"If there's such a thing as a Midwestern prose poem, Alexander surely invented it."—Peter Johnson
“A lucid and totally engrossing book of poems.” —Jim Harrison
"A fascinating tale of political intrigue, land speculation, and sectional haggling"--Jon Kukla
“Five Forks is a splendid and intriguing study. The prose is improbably lucid and lovely." —Jim Harrison
"There are so many gems in this anthology . . . that readers will want to have it close by, to randomly dip into its pages as they would a fine, and very large, box of chocolates."—Peter Johnson
“An important addition to the burgeoning exploration of brief prose and flash fiction . . . an abundance of rich, fragmented, carefully crafted moments.”—Tara L. Masih
"An essential addition to our library of American literature."—Lydia Davis
Includes voices from Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States.
"For North American prose poetry - the definitive anthology."—Peter Johnson