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Afternoon at the Lake

Along one quarter mile stretch of shoreline, a meadow upland: daisies and buttercups, forget-me-nots, wild iris so pale and violet, hawkweed with its orange head, the yellow flower whose name I’ve forgotten, anemone white as the clouds overhead. Small waves lapping at the gravel, I feel the breeze on my face, the sun hot on my skin, and a faint smell of cedars and fir and spruce. Further along five immature bald eagles perch unseen in the thick trees—motley brown and white, the colors yet to coalesce into the vivid head and tail of the mature birds. One by one they emerge from the forest and fly off down the lake when I get too close, except one who stays back to circle over me several times before following the others. I have to turn around then and paddle homeward, as thunder is approaching from the south.

Copyright © 2018 by Robert Alexander